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Integrado controlador de carga de bateria para portatiles.



The bq24751 is a high-efficiency, synchronous battery charger with integrated compensation and system power selector logic, offering low component count for space-constrained multi-chemistry battery charging applications. Ratiometric charge current and voltage programming allows high regulation accuracies, and can be either hardwired with resistors or programmed by the system power-management microcontroller using a DAC or GPIOs.

The bq24751 charges two, three, or four series Li+ cells, supporting up to 10 A of charge current, and is available in a 28-pin, 5x5-mm thin QFN package.

The bq24751 controls external switches to prevent battery discharge back to the input, connect the adapter to the system, and to connect the battery to the system using 6-V gate drives for better system efficiency.


  • NMOS-NMOS Synchronous Buck Converter with 300 kHz Frequency and >95% Efficiency
  • 30-ns Minimum Driver Dead-time and 99.5% Maximum Effective Duty Cycle
  • High-Accuracy Voltage and Current Regulation
    • ±0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy
    • ±3% Charge Current Accuracy
    • ±3% Adapter Current Accuracy
    • ±2% Input Current Sense Amp Accuracy
  • Integration
    • Automatic System Power Selection From AC/DC Adapter or Battery
    • Internal Loop Compensation
    • Internal Soft Start
  • Safety
    • Programmable Input Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
    • Dynamic Power Management (DPM) with Status Indicator
    • Programmable Inrush Adapter Power (ACOP) and Overcurrent (ACOC) Limits
    • Reverse-Conduction Protection Input FET
  • Supports Two, Three, or Four Li+ Cells
  • 5 - 24 V AC/DC-Adapter Operating Range
  • Analog Inputs with Ratiometric Programming via Resistors or DAC/GPIO Host Control
    • Charge Voltage (4-4.512 V/cell)